Leta Beck

Know The Limitations of Free Web Hosting

Are you looking for free web hosting? Well the first question you should ask yourself is: “Is it free”? There are very many free web hosting services available on the internet. These companies offer a place on the internet where you can show your content. You won’t ever pay a single cent in this case. Since these services offer free hosting, the words you use on your website also matters. Thus, the definition of the word “free” is quite different from the business usage of the word. In business language, we pay ‘deductless service’ for particular services to get optimum efficiency and productivity. Gone are the days when you had to spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars to be able to have access to a good server of your own. With free hosting, you would be sharing the server with others.

A big company will require you to have your own private server and the Internet service provider will have to pay for maintenance of the server. This cost would of course go well beyond your understanding of the ones you want to take up.

One might find this a bit misleading but if you do a little bit of research you will find a lot of free services. You might even be thinking that it will cost you a fortune. But you will be able to get some servers of your own at a good price with a good support system. Perhaps one will be offered at a much cheaper price too. So what’s the catch to this all?

Well just as a hosting server is available at a lower price, so you could also find a host providing a free plan. There are thousands of these sites available on the internet and hardly anyone would be offering free hosting. Yet these sites are more effective than the paid services. Internet is a dynamic platform and most high traffic sites have free hosting. For you, this is no big deal since it would actually work give you a dynamic experience.

Do understand that the free services are usually supported by advertisements. You would not be able to use unlimited space since your website is quite small. In addition, you would never get the options of sub-domains at ‘your-domain.com’, .edu domain or any other domains you desire. So the question is what exactly is the cost of free hosting? Well, I can suggest free hosting to you for comparison purposes.

As the name suggests, free hosting is free or very cheap. Do not put the price so high that you are not able to share your website, it seems silly. The main disadvantage would be that you are unable to download your marketing page and e-commerce software along with your website.

Another thing is that there are services that want to build a brand. They are professional and they can not afford the unique design and grandiose features of the paid hosting. So remember, free is a very enticing price.

Know what you need and what you are going to do. The Internet is a great place to keep in touch with friends and family. Why not visit your domain and find your friends there as well. Go ahead and get your free hosting now.